Melyssa HolikI’m a photographer, writer and designer based in Santa Fe, NM. My passions in life are travel, food and art, but DIY, the outdoors, and words are close seconds!

When I’m not out shooting or researching a story, I can be found cooking, gardening, biking or eating cheese—lots of cheese. I like to make things, try things, experiment, fail, laugh, and learn.

I am excited by the novel and the unusual, and I’m always up for an adventure. I want to keep traveling, and along the way see amazing things, meet interesting people, taste exotic foods, and share these experiences with others. My hope is that people will be as delighted and amazed by the world as I am.

In my writing and photographs, I seek the beauty and truth of a place and of the people around me. I believe truth is beautiful even when it’s not “pretty.” Luckily, most of the places I’ve visited have been quite pretty as well!

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