Albuquerque: The Frontier of Beer

From a story I recently wrote and photographed for Local Flavor magazine:

Marble Brewery Albuquerque

When I began this story, I set out to visit all the Albuquerque breweries. “No problem,” I thought, “it’ll only take me a few days!” Little did I realize that the number of establishments crafting locally produced, small-batch beers has positively skyrocketed in the past few years and Albuquerque is now home to some 25 or 30 microbreweries. Simply put, Albuquerque craft beer is exploding. But what’s behind this brewery boom?

Albuquerque’s success is in large part due to the same factors that have made craft brewing popular nationwide, but these factors are amplified in Albuquerque. Factors like an increased demand for local products, a desire for experimentation and an affinity for the low-key, laid back atmosphere microbreweries offer particularly speak to an Albuquerque audience, which eagerly clamors for more. Read the full story on

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